It was time for a capital campaign for the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento but there was a problem – there was no building being built. Instead, a community needed rebuilding – and it needed $50 million to do it.

How do you raise money to build community?

You do it with a creative campaign utilizing outdoor, print and collateral, all highlighting the humanity of that community – their needs and vision for the future. You do it with ONE.

The ONE campaign featured six priorities, dozens of faces and hundreds of stakeholders; it delivered emotion, reason and a concrete request for three-pronged action over five years.

ONE launched in August of 2013 and is on track to meet its goals. It’s already met it’s largest goal: rallying a diverse community behind a single effort, truly becoming ONE. Video is here.

August 2015 update: Just two years into a four-year campaign, the effort has been a huge success. $35.5 million has been raised from over 13,000 donors in Sacramento. 

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